ptx C4

The ptx C4 controller is known as the working horse of the ptx system family. It is a fully featured and yet lightweight controller that gives you full control of your show right at your fingertips. The C4 has a built-in radio module and can use cable-based and radio communication at the same time. The internal high capacity lithium ion battery ensures great firing power and operates the controller independant from external power supply.


The large 10.4" touchscreen makes it easy for you to program a new show or make changes to an existing one right on the controller. An intuitive user interface guides you through all the steps that are neccesary to run your fireworks show. A number of configuration options allows you to adapt system to respective needs. Choose from many different languages, timecode formats, safety options, etc.

Rugged Peli Case

The device is built into a rugged and water resistant pelicase for easy transportation and quick setup. Simply open the lid and you are ready go. Its two independant ptx line outputs are optically isolated from each other and have separate fuses. Waterproof plugs protect the connections from rain, snow, ice and sand.

Powerful Testmode

The testmode gives you detailed information about system connectivity, power supply, operating mode and output continuity of every single module. A clearly arranged summary lists all successfull tests and detected problems. You can choose, if you want to test all the modules yourself manually or just lean back and let the Automode do all the work.

DMX Control

ptx C4 has implemented a fully featured DMX control . It enables you to combine pyrotechnic effects with control of flame machines (like EXPLO X2 Wave Flamer or MAGICFX Flamaniac), lights and special effects into your firework. You no longer need an additional DMX console!

DMX Test

Sometimes tests of programmed DMX sequences costs a lot of time. ptx C4 offers a timesaving tool. Adjustments of settings can be done easily in DMX test mode. One way is to change the value of presets directly. The other is to determine the exact value with the help of a fader.

Two different fire modi

Main Features
Communication bidrectional via cable and radio at the same time
Radio-Frequency 16 available channels, 868 MHz (SRD Europe) and 915 MHz (ISM Region 2)
Radio-Range 1000m with standard antenna
Max. individual Cues 3200
Max. simultaneous ignitions 32.000
Display 10.4" resistive touch display
Programming Programmable via touch screen or ptx Solution Pro
Firing Modes Automatic, Manual, Mixed
DMX Output DMX 512 available in combination with ptx MFB
Other Features 24 freely assignable safety zones, Deadman function, 24 spare ignitions

Input and Outputs
PTX Line Outputs Two independant PTX line outputs, optically isolated with separate fuses
Radio Built-In radio module
Antenna Connector gold plated SMA female
Timecode SMPTE Timecode Generator Output (XLR male), SMPTE Timecode Input (XLR female)
Safety Device Connector for optional ptx Deadman Switch (XLR female)

Power Supply
Power requirements AC 230V, 50Hz (UK/Europe)
AC 110V, 60Hz (USA/Canada)
Battery Built-In high capacity lithium ion battery
Battery Charger internal charger with overload protection

Dimensions (W x H x D) 420 mm x 180 mm x 330 mm
Weight 9.8 kg
Design and specifications subject to change without notice.
ptx C4 User guides ptxC4_Manual.pdf
This manual describes setup and usage of the ptx C4 controller.
This additional manual describes the new fire mode with sequences.