ptx IC48 Radio

The ptx IC48 Radio is a robust firing module with 3 sections of 16 outputs each. Every single section can be addressed individually and has a built-in stepper mode allowing you to use a section as a simple high speed sequenzer with up to 10 miliseconds distance between every firing impulse. The IC48 Radio supports bidirectional cable-based and radio communication and is compatible with any other ptx device.

Great Firing Power

The internal high capacity battery lets the device operate independant from external power supply and powers up to 10 cable-based IC48 or 30 cable-based IC16.

Rugged Peli Case

The device is built into a rugged and water resistant pelicase for easy transportation and quick setup. A cable outlet on both sides allows you to close the lid when ignitors are connected to protect the device from rain, snow and fallout.

Main Features
Communication bidrectional via cable or radio
Radio-Frequency 16 available channels, 868 MHz (SRD Europe) and 915 MHz (ISM Region 2)
Radio-Range 1000m with standard antenna
Outputs 48 outputs in three sections of 16 outputs each
Firing Power Up to 40 ignitors in series per output
Firing Voltage 70 Volts
Operating Modes standard IC, stepper mode
Other features Resistance Measurement on every output, suitable for shooting confetti launchers
Design and specifications subject to change without notice.
ptx IC48 Radio User Guide manual_ptx_ic48radio_en.pdf
This manual describes setup and usage of the ptx IC48 Radio module.