The MFB-SFX Box is a real allrounder in the ptx family and greatly enhances your possibilities.

4-way Line Splitter

The MFB splits any incoming signal (radio or cable) into four independant lines that are optically isolated from each other and have seperate fuses on each output. This helps you to seperate your setup into independent sections of fireworks positions and makes cabling more convinient and efficient.

Radio Receiver

A built-in radio receiver enables you to connect a cable-based setup to any wireless radio transmitter and controller, which makes it a lot easier for you set up the Front-of-House or to spread fireworks positions over a long distance.

DMX Output Node

A brand new and often requested feature of the ptx system is to control lighting fixtures and flame machines via DMX. In combination with the ptx C4 controller, you are now able to program DMX cues within your fireworks show and integrate flames and lights into your show.

Power Pack and Signal Refresher

The built-in high capacity battery delivers maximum firing power to any connected IC box. Also, the MFB refreshes ptx signals which can be useful when using long cable lines. The integrated charger makes it easy to recharge the battery without the need of any extra equipment. Every ptx controller can query the battery status of the MFB.

Main Features
Communication bidrectional via cable or radio
Radio-Frequency 16 available channels, 868 MHz (SRD Europe) and 915 MHz (ISM Region 2)
Radio-Range 1000m with standard antenna
Line-Outputs 4 independant ptx line outputs with seperate fuses
DMX Output Standard DMX 512 XLR5 output (this feature requires a C4 controller)
Battery Pack 70 Volts, powers up to 10 cablebased IC48 or 30 cablebased IC16
Other features Battery status can be queried from any controller
Design and specifications subject to change without notice.
ptx MFB User Guide manual_ptx_mfb_en.pdf
This manual describes setup and usage of the ptx MFB.