ptx RM

The RM is a universal Radio-Module that can act as radio receiver, a transmitter (adapter cable required) or a wireless bridge between two cable lines. At the same time, the RM works as power-pack to any connected cable-based system and powers up to 30 ptx IC16 or 10 IC48.

Main Features
Communication bidrectional via cable or radio
Radio-Frequency 16 available channels, 868 MHz (SRD Europe) and 915 MHz (ISM Region 2)
Radio-Range 1000m with standard antenna
Battery Pack 70 Volts, powers up to 10 cablebased IC48 or 30 cablebased IC16
Operating Modes wireless receiver, wireless transmitter (requires adapter cable)
Other features Battery status can be queried from any controller
Design and specifications subject to change without notice.
ptx RM User Guide manual_ptx_rm_en.pdf
This manual describes setup and usage of the ptx RM.